Heroes of Olympus is  a great book series. Since I used Percy Jackson in the past to exercise my design choices, it was only natural to practice my character design with these characters. Not only did I use physical descriptions to help with my designs, but I looked into costume design and how the characters psychology could affect how they look. 
Piper Mclean - An Indigenous American girl who is disconnected from her heritage due to her father, and due to him being famous, is disconnected from him. rebelling against all social norms and not accepting 'typical' standards of beauty, the daughter of Aphrodite would style herself with second-hand clothes, tailored and edited (with other materials or markers), and taking the written canon of her cutting her own hair with "safety scissors" a step further, to give her a mullet. I decided to add touches of her culture through accessories from indigenous American stores. 1/2
Annabeth Chase - The skilled architect with the longest duration at camp, she is skilled and wise. I decided that even though Annabeth would typically be in training clothes, due to her headstrong mindset, she would also have quite a smart/casual fashion sense, but in her spare time of studying, she would wear her missing boyfriend's clothing.
Leo Valdez - the Fire-wielder, hyperactive son of Hephaestus, wouldn't have much time for fashion, usually wearing practical clothing for working on his many machines, but would definitely have clothing to exaggerate his body type since he "invented scrawny".  
Jason Grace - the complex psyche of having your mind wiped by a goddess, would definitely leave your clothing to be desired, however having Piper as a girlfriend, Leo as a best friend, and belonging to a rivals camp, would definitely  cause some graffiti on his clothing. 
This project is ongoing, and just something to practice in my spare time.
all characters belong to Rick Riordan.

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